Your conference interpreter for Dutch, German and English

Welcome! I am glad you found the way to my home page.

I am a conference interpreter by training, with twenty years of experience in interpreting from and into Dutch, German and English. Because of my language combination, I mostly work in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

My languages

Being Flemish (the majority of the Belgian population is Flemish and hence Dutch speaking), my mother tongue is Dutch. I studied German and English at university level. The language combinations I am offering are as follows:

For the colleagues:       A: NL       B: EN, DE       C: FR


  • Twenty years of experience as a freelance conference interpreter.

  • Around 2,600 assignments successfully completed.

  • Wide spectrum of subjects covered over the years.

  • Conferences, seminars, congresses, trainings, negotiations, due diligence procedures (company takeovers), official events, high number of European works council meetings.

  • Assignments at the highest levels, e.g. for the Belgian and the British Prime Ministers. See my CV for more.

  • Based in Brussels, i.e. centrally located in Europe.

  • Freelance conference interpreter, i.e. not bound to any institutions (even though I work for a lot of them). This means I'm flexible in terms of scheduling.

  • Download my CV for references and more information.


Even though I have provided interpreting assistance in the odd court case, I am not court-certified. This has been a deliberate professional decision. Belgian courts do not offer market compliant rates. In addition, certified interpreting is only a very small part of our market.